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Sacrament of Confirmation Downloads

Here are the links to our Confirmation Super Saturday Handouts, Talks and other items available to download. (Click here if you were looking for parish bulletins and other downloads and came here by mistake.)

Confirmation Schedule Reminders

  • Super Saturday #3 for youth in MacNeil Hall: March 7, 10 am to 4 pm.  This is Confirmation Saint Costume Day.
    • Family Homework: by Mar. 7, create 5 short points about Confirmation saint & come dressed in simple saint costume
  • Super Saturday #4 for youth in the Hall: April 11,  10 am to 4 pm. Service Hour sheets are due to small group leader on this day. 
  • Confirmation Retreat for Confirmation youth and their Sponsors in the MacNeil Hall: Saturday May 16 from 10 am to 4 pm. Confirmation rehearsal will take place on this day. If sponsor cannot attend, ensure another adult comes in place and passes on info.
  • Mass with Rite of Confirmation on Sunday May 17  at  3:00 pm  in the ChurchSponsors and Confirmation Candidates will meet at 2:15 pm  in MacNeil Hall on this date

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Took place Thurs December 4, 2014 @ 7pm.

The following are the handouts and powerpoint from the event.




————————————————————————————– CONFIRMATION SUPER SATURDAY #1: JANUARY

————————————————————————————– CONFIRMATION SUPER SATURDAY #2: FEBRUARY Listen to the following talks and do the journal reflections. Send completed reflections to santo@strcp.com .

————————————————————————————– CONFIRMATION SUPER SATURDAY #3: March Make Up work: those students who missed all or part of the Super Saturday are required to listen to these 3 talks. Write a 3 sentence summary of each talk. Then complete the Super Saturday #3 Reflection journal questions. Students are also to submit the name of the Confirmation saint they have chosen and 5 points about their saint (this was an assignment due during our March 16 event) email santo@strcp.com with your 3 talk summaries, your completed reflection journals, and the name of your Confirmation saint + 5 points about them.

Talk #1: The Church – by Father Matthew Hysell

Talk #2: Mary and the Saints – by Stacey Pedrola

Talk #3: Sacrament of Confirmation – by Fr. Michael Schumacher

Super Saturday #3 Journal Reflection Questions


TALKS FROM  2012 Confirmation Year:

The following talks were given in 2012

Super Sat 1 – Talk 1 on the Existence of God by Angela McCormick (Note: part of talk failed to record and other talks for day were not recorded)

————————————————————————————– CONFIRMATION SUPER SATURDAY #3: MARCH

Video #1: Why I hate religion, but love Jesus.

Video #2: Why I love Religion and Love Jesus: A Catholic Response

Now listen to the following talks from Super Sat #3 – March 10, 2012 & complete journal reflections:

————————————————————————————– CONFIRMATION SUPER SATURDAY #4: APRIL Students are to listen to the following talks and complete Journal Reflections, then email the completed reflections to Angela. Click on the links below to listen to the talks and dowload the reflection questions. Talk#1: Click here for Prayer by Deacon Tony 1 FINAL

Click here to listen to a Sharing by Angela on Prayer

Talk #2: Click here to listen to talk on Moral Decisions by Kris Schmidt

Talk #3: Stump the Priests – The youth posed some very difficult questions about the faith. Below are Fr. Jim and Fr. Michael answers to the youth’s questions.

  • Click here to listen to Fr Michael’s answer to why does God approach us different than Noah or Moses?
  • Click here to listen to Fr Jim answers the question Can we be members of more than one religion?
  • Click here to listen to Father Michael answering, Why should I believe in someone I havent met?
  • Click here to listen to the priests answer to Why ask questions and Where was God before He made Heaven?
  • Click here to listen to Father’s answer to the question, Is the Bible true, and did Jesus rise from the dead and how do we know?
  • Click here to listen to Father Jim answering the difficult question of If you commit suicide do you go to hell?
  • Click here to listen to Father Michael answering the question Did Adam and Eve exist?
  • Click here to listen to Father Jim’s answer to how can you be reincarnated and be in heaven?
  • Click here to listen to Father’s answer on Did God make the angels?
  • Click here to listen to Fr. Jim’s answer to the difficult question of Why do bad things happen do good people?
  • Click here to listen to Fr. Michael’s answer to do we stay in heaven forever and how long is forever?

April 14 Journal reflections: Super Saturday 4 Journal Reflections – to be completed by students who missed this Super Saturday and emailed to Santo.

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